Ever thought about traveling to the UAE? I don’t mean just Dubai, the United Arab Emirates most popular destination, but expanding outside to other places with less “pizazz” like perhaps Oman?

It hadn’t been on my radar but after this awesome conversation with Nicole Brewer who has been living their for many years, I got curious! In this latest episode of “Spirit in the Material World, I chatted with Nicole Brewer, travel writer, and half of “ILuv2GlobeTrot,” about being the cool traveling aunties in our family, dating internationally as Black women and what it’s like to live in Oman, UAE. She’s also the author of a new children’s book, “An ABC Guide to Children’s Games Around the Globe” which was inspired by sharing her global journeys with the young people in her life. It’s adorable and a sweet holiday gift for the minis (and adults) in your life.

Learn more about her journey as an expat in Oman here:

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