Welcome to the world of WanderWomxn Travels! We are a community and travel agency dedicated to cultural and sustainable travel adventures especially for women, femmes and non-binary folks of color. 

WanderWomxn offer travel tips and guides, and curates travel experiences, that reflect the interests and safety needs of our intersecting and diverse identities. Most travel guides are written by and for heteronormative white folks. Our peoples are multicultural and represent the breadth of the gender and sexuality spectrum, yet most travel content is segmented by race/ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. We are an inclusive and expansive space, not one that is siloed by identity boxes, because our lives are intersectional! 

Through the stories we share, we want to show you the variety of travel experiences you can have around the world. We’re here to inspire more of us to travel with joy, curiosity and consciousness.

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travel with joy, curiosity and consciousness.

Our mission and vision is to curate travel experiences that:

  • facilitate cultural exchange and connection (ie through music, food, dance, nature, etc)
  • honor, respect and appreciate the lands and communities we visit, i.e by choosing eco-conscious businesses wherever possible
  • support local small businesses so natives benefit from the tourism economy 
  • ignite joy, spark curiosity, and feel good in the spirit ✨
  • allow opportunities to rest, meander and get out of your comfort zone 
  • get more of us traveling and exploring the world to expand our worldview and what we believe is possible for our lives.


Our Team

Meet the WanderWomxn Crew!

Janna Zinzi

Founder, CEO

Raychelle heath


Christine watts