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Welcome to WanderWomxn! We are a travel community, guide and booking agency especially for women, femmes and nonbinary folks of color seeking cultural travel and sustainable adventures. All are welcome here as long as you approach travel with joy, curiosity and consciousness. Sign up for our e-newsletter to get travel tips, tricks and opportunities to travel with us!

2024 Group Trips!

Join us in Brooklyn, NYC for the Mermaid Parade in June; and in Costa Rica for cultural travel to the Caribbean coast!


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Announcing 2024 Group Trips!

We are headed to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica this September! If you wanna travel with dope folks who share of love of cultural tourism that supports local businesses, this is for you!

Visiting Costa Rica?

Our upcoming WanderWomxn guide to Costa Rica will answer all of your questions about where to go, what to see, how long to stay and what to do.

Travel advice you can trust

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you can trust the travel advice you’re reading but WanderWomxn is gonna give you unfiltered realness. We want you to be prepared for your travels so our content goes beyond looking cute (though we do) to make sure you know what to expect on your journey.

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Real Talk on Being a Digital Nomad

Instagram makes it look real cute but let us give you the real tea on what digital nomad life looks like. Living somewhere is different from visiting a place so this webinar will help you figure out if digital nomad life is for you, and help you prepare to make big moves!

digital nomad travel webinar mexico city