As the veil between the living world and spirit world thins, our co-founders reflect on how their ancestry and lineage led them to Wanderwomxn.

Here’s a reflection from me, Meena Hussain, about my lineage and how it’s inspired my travels. I hope by reading a bit about me, you see yourself and feel seen.

Meena Hussain, our Chief Marketing Officer

As a young child, I always asked my elders about my ancestors. Through our rich oral history I have come to believe that we were merchants, traveling from Iran to India and places in between to sell goods and start businesses. On my paternal side, my Dad told me about how our ancestors traveled all around Southeast Asia to propagate Islam, so I’m a traveler on both sides of my lineage. 

I think about how difficult and arduous the journey must have been for my ancestors (no planes, what?!), and also for my living elders now as they fled war and poverty to start a whole new life in a new country. Travel is a way for me to reconnect with my inner joy and to celebrate life. I have the privilege to travel out of pure desire, unlike the refugees whom I share many cultural similarities with that are trying to find safety and home. 

Culture is everything to me. The things we surround ourselves with and the nourishment we put into our bodies are all reflective of our culture. I hold my culture close to me as a diaspora kid, and try to remember it and celebrate it whenever I can.

I love Wanderwomxn because my experience as a woman of color from my unique ethnic background is celebrated. This brand is here to disrupt the travel space (can we start #travelsowhite already? haha) and allow us to re-connect with our unique experiences as people of color and queer folx who travel. 

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