On duty with the Coral Vita team learning about why healthy coral are so important for the planet!

I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Grand Bahama Island to visit Coral Vita, the first commercial land-based coral farm focused on preserving and protecting coral reefs. Coral reefs are essential to healthy oceans and thus a healthy planet — they are a necessity to protect coastlines from hurricanes and storm surges as well as a spiritual and financial foundation in many island communities. I wrote about the incredible vision and dedication of the Coral Vita founders and their entire team. It’s inspiring to know that people

During my visit, I met their Coral Restoration Specialist, and “born, bred, Bahamian” mermaid, Alannah Vellacott and asked her what tourists can do to help with their mission because we all play a part in combatting climate change and healing our oceans. She shared a lot of wisdom with us about eliminating single use plastics and taking small steps that can make a big impact.

Check out the interview below from Coral Vita’s farm on Grand Bahama Island.

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