Kenya! Home to the famous Simba! Right here in the 254 (that’s our country code) we experience a varying mix of blue skies and scorching hot weather and gray skies with downpours. Who doesn’t like unpredictable weather? I know I don’t! But hey, a Kenyan sis gotta do what a Kenyan sis gotta do. Hey friends, my name is Aisha. A Kenyan Muslim Nubian (what a mouthful) who loves food and yes, I am trilingual. 

Home to at least 42+ different ethnic groups, we pride ourselves with cultural diversity that we unify through food, language and beliefs. So let’s take a trip down some popular Kenyan food must tries for when you plan your next safari .

(PS: we have gorgeous beaches too!)

Nyama Choma

Jambo to all my red meat lovers. We got you. Nyama Choma directly translates to ‘burnt meat’. Ideally, it is grilled goat meat that is served alongside salad and Ugali (a type of maize flour porridge). It is the most popular Kenyan meal and needless to say, it’s a must try.


Pronounced as pee-la-ou – which is probably a tongue twister for non-Swahili speakers, lol. Pilau is a very famous rice dish that is most popular in the coastal region of Kenya. This aromatic rice dish is packed with both sweet and savory spices. I’m talking cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds and black pepper corns. The rice is then brought to a boil with a heavy well spiced beef or chicken broth. The result you ask? A very scrumptious delectable rice dish. I always say, when in doubt, order Pilau.


Let’s, yet again, exercise the tongue shall we? It’s pronounced ghee-the-ri. You got this! It really doesn’t get any more traditional than with Githeri. This is a common traditional meal that’s a mix of boiled maize and beans. With just two star ingredients, this meal is a go to quick lunch or dinner meal in all households. However, it’s not really the type of meal you’d serve your guests – we’re huge on hosting and this on the table will not pass the vibe check! But hey, while in Rome? Order more please.


Ok, this is probably the last tongue cardio workout! Pronounced as Moo-too-rah. One more time Moo-too-rah, and now you’ve got it! Simply put, blood sausages. This is probably the most famous street food item you’ll find in all 47 counties. Mutura is a fire grilled intestine made from beef, mutton or goat meat that’s stuffed with other assorted ingredients: chopped onions, chopped garlic, minced meat, salt, pepper, chopped chillies. The mixture is bound with cow blood and the intestine is sewed together and laced with fat that melts when grilled. This snack is mostly accompanied by a cold beverage and a tomato salad. Perfect for outdoor game night. 

These are just a few popular foods you should try when you visit Kenya. If you’re lucky you might try all four food items! 

Happy travels and see you soon. When you land in Nairobi hit me up at +254724****** haha! Just kidding! 

But here’s my final pro-tip: Learn “hi” in slang so you can make new friends when you visit – niaje! (Knee-Ah-Jay)

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