While the United States celebrates Pride throughout the month of June, we want to lift up cities that are queer-friendly to visit all year long. Most of the world commemorates Pride in June to honor the Stonewall Uprising led by trans women of color, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Yet cities around the world, like London and Amsterdam, also have Pride events throughout the summer. Here’s a list of some dope places to celebrate Pride Month and also to know you can travel safely and be in community.

Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, ca. 1989-1990. The Rudy Grillo Collection, Rudy Grillo / LGBT Community Center Archive.

North America:

New York: As a New Yorker, this is always going to top my list! New York is the birthplace of Pride and the energy there is unmatched. The massive parade along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is a bucket list event but there are amazing queer people of color led arts and culture events happening all month long especially in Brooklyn

As seen above a subway station in the Lower East Side of Manhattan

The Bay Area (Oakland/San Francisco): The Bay Area is also known as a center of LGBTQIA activism and the communities there are deep. While June is extra gay, you can go all year and find queer community across Oakland and San Francisco. We recommend Oakland Black Pride, 5 days of events especially for Black and Brown queer folks.

Orlando, FL: Despite having a governor who is hellbent on some anti-gay and anti-trans bullshit, Orlando shows love for the LGBTQIA+ community, especially after the tragic Pulse shooting. Though not in June, Orlando hosts a week-long Pride celebration in October — when the weather is cooler!

Mexico City, Mexico: This photo says it all! Folks come out in Mexico City for parties, protests and Pride! La Zona Rosa neighborhood is especially welcoming to queer folks with a plethora of bars, restaurants, shops and more (it’s where I got my tattoo!).

New Orleans, LA: New Orleans KNOWS HOW TO PARTY! Pride is celebrated like most events in NOLA, with a parade. There’s a vibrant parade through the French Quarter but any time of the year, you can check out the poppin’ gay bars on the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann and in the vicinity. We recommend Oz because the drag shows there are FYAH! And Black Pride NOLA is the same weekend as Essence Fest so the city is full of fine af folks!

Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh might not be on your radar but our sis huny is doing the damn thing out there organizing some dope af queer dance parties and cultural events. While it’s turned all the way up during Pride, you can find huny and her honeys (lol) bringing the funk monthly across the city.

Springfield, MA: Our WanderWomxn sis, known as Lenubienne, attended the first Pride event in Springfield, Massachusetts, and it looked so beautiful! There was a march, DJs and lot of joy. It’s a family friendly, all ages, races, genders, generations event…as Pride should be!

South America:

Lima, Peru and Montevideo, Uruguay: So we got this intel from our IG fam, Ami, who does some AMAZING Black queer and trans travel content! I had no idea that Lima, or Montevideo, were safe and lit places for queer folks to visit but here ya go!


Lisbon: Our WanderWomxn homegirl, known as Amethyst Heels on IG, put us on to Lisbon as a Pride hot spot. Considering Portugal is getting so much love right now especially for Black women expats, it’s now on our list for Pride!

London: While London celebrates Pride in the first weekend of July, UK Black Pride is a for us, by us event happening in August. Make sure to check out the UK Black Pride page for all the details. There’s an amazing line-up of performances and all-around wicked vibes!

Amsterdam: I haven’t been in YEARS but lemme tell you that you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a Pride parade taking place in the canals! Yes, the “floats” are literally floating along in the famous canals of Amsterdam with music, dancing and even disco balls. A full sensory experience!


Cambodia: Cities like Phnom Penh and Siam Rhep have been celebrating Pride since 2003. And while LGBTQIA people have no legal protection and still face discrimination, their Pride celebrations have been growing and thriving!

What’s your favorite spot? What did we miss? Let us know on the socials!

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